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Welcome to the Blog!


This past fall was full of amazing families and so much love! So many sessions are top secret until after the annual Christmas card is released!! So, I thought I’d share a taste of their awesomeness this morning! To my families – seriously – I can’t tell you enough just how much I love spending […]

February 12, 2017


Geez, do I ever have some things to share on here very soon! It has been a busy month full of super awesome families, some very cool new collaborations, and fun family time! Today, however, I just share this image.  I think I might have gasped when I saw it upload. Well, when I took […]

November 10, 2015


You guys have to know that when you share nice words about my photography and business I totally, 100% appreciate it. And when you send your fabulous friends my way I am nothing but flattered and so completely grateful. And more times than not, I meet one of your fabulous friends and they leave being […]

June 6, 2015


Today is Memorial Day! Honestly, how is it the end of May?!!! We had a friend-filled family weekend away and I was reminded of how grateful I am for the little things. Our freedoms in this country are beyond and I never want to forget that. Tonight, I’m keeping it short and sweet and I […]

May 26, 2015


It’s time for these photos to come out!  Marie (super sweet, so strong, incredibly kind, loving, does the best hair EVER) and Josh (clearly handsome, equally kind, completely loving and absolutely hysterical) have to be one of my favorite couples ever. They have the greatest love, hilarious banter, he adores her (so much),  they are as […]

January 9, 2015


Where do I even begin with this fabulous family?! I think it’s easiest for me to make a list…… 1. Jen and Justin are two of the most loving, focused, hilarious, fun, hard working and super giving people! They are a team for sure and you know that after being around them for about 5 […]

September 28, 2014


Two years ago Audrey though starting a “Cooking Club” would be fun.  SHE WAS SO RIGHT!!! These girls – friends, hilarious, non stop fun, gigglers, GREAT cooks, silly….basically just awesome!  We love Cooking Club. Thanks to the Pioneer Woman for the to-die-for lasagna recipe!!!! xoxo -Stacy

May 20, 2014


There is a new guy in town……. 1. His name is Wyatt. 2. He is 13 weeks today. 3. He is ADORABLE and sweet and hilarious. And he loves to sleep on his back with his legs in the air.  4. He is sleeping in his crate like a champ.  5. He is also being […]

April 30, 2014


I tried to make my blog post title smaller, but I just couldn’t cut anything out…seriously! Last week, I ventured down to super charming Santa Barbara, CA for United 2014. Let’s just start with these fine ladies…..Lisa, Melissa, Heather, Tammy and Joanna. Old friends, new friends, forever friends. I loved sharing this trip with you! And many […]

March 6, 2014