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Welcome to the Blog!

The Jacklin Family + a morning at Eddon Boat Dock = AWESOME!

You guys have to know that when you share nice words about my photography and business I totally, 100% appreciate it. And when you send your fabulous friends my way I am nothing but flattered and so completely grateful. And more times than not, I meet one of your fabulous friends and they leave being one of mine!!!!  That’s how I know my clients are exactly perfect for me! I love it!

This particular family was meant to become a LOP client and I just loved meeting them all! The Jacklins are a crew of eight – six kids and the most loving mom and dad! Their story is a very special one. Many anniversaries were being celebrated on this day and they won me over in a heartbeat.

Ava (mom) talked about the importance of having this session with her “core” family. Now, if any of you know me, you know I’m all about the core family photo and how important I think it is (regardless of age) to always have photos with your main people! It’s part of the legacy…..

To the Jacklins……I came away from this session knowing this about you all… love through anything, even when you are annoyed you find humor, you protect one another to the core and your bond is unbreakable.

I think these photos show just that!!!  Enjoy!

Enjoy this beautiful weekend!


June 6, 2015

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