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Stiefel Family Awesomeness {Gig Harbor Family Photographer}

Where do I even begin with this fabulous family?!

I think it’s easiest for me to make a list……

1. Jen and Justin are two of the most loving, focused, hilarious, fun, hard working and super giving people! They are a team for sure and you know that after being around them for about 5 minutes. I loved our time together!
2. Their three kids…..HYSTERICAL. Honestly these three have the most diverse range of facial expressions, levels of silly, love for each other and there is never a dull moment. I had to give them so many extra photos, because when a family brings such a range of awesome feeling and fun in photos – I can’t leave many out!
3. They own one of the coolest businesses in Gig Harbor….Heritage Distilling Company. If you haven’t checked out there website or visited their fabulous distillery in Gig Harbor, you should! And go read their “about us” section. I loved it!

Justin gifted me with some of their Batch 12….be sure to look for it in your local area stores. It’s the real deal!

So, here we go Stiefel family! You guys are many levels of fabulous!!! I loved our morning together!

These two. L.O.V.E.! 
I loved that in the middle of chaos and noise all around us, we found some time just for them!

Pictures with mom always make my heart melt! 
Jen, you are so stunning! 

Best role model ever!!!! Justin, they are all so lucky to have you! 

A mama and her oldest. 
Her son and my daughter are the same age. 
I love sweet moments with our “big” kids. 

And when your parents own a distillery with a super rad warehouse,
you learn to man pallet jacks and make the best box forts EVER from a very young age! 

Stiefel family, you guys are the best!



September 28, 2014

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