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Welcome to the Blog!

Marie + Josh { I love them so much }

It’s time for these photos to come out! 

Marie (super sweet, so strong, incredibly kind, loving, does the best hair EVER) and Josh (clearly handsome, equally kind, completely loving and absolutely hysterical) have to be one of my favorite couples ever. They have the greatest love, hilarious banter, he adores her (so much),  they are as real as real can be and they are just my people! 
I don’t know how its possible, but these two have never had photos taken together. Until, of course, this special day happened. 
Let’s start with one of my favorite photos of all time! 
I mean, every ounce of love between them can be felt in this moment. 
Babes. Period. 

We hit up a couple local hot spots in Gig Harbor and just had some fun. 

I think he could have canoodled her all day long! 
Josh and Marie – your love is something else!!!  I loved this day! 

January 9, 2015

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