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Nate the Great Turned 8…..

Holy smokes – it’s 2015. 

I’ve been taking it easy on social media and blogging the past month. December is my favorite month of the year and I did my best to be present throughout it! That meant a little time away from all this!!!!! 

So tonight, I’ll start with this little important moment. It’s official. Nate the Great is 8!!!!! My sweet boy, who I swear was born yesterday. He is a bundle of excited energy and is basically the most friendly and enthusiastic human being I know!  He makes me laugh every day, and his joy and love for the ‘every day’ is one of the best parts of his personality. We love you Mr. Happy! May you always find super fantastic things in life to expend that boundless energy!!!

Nate Stats:
1. Fav thing to do – skateboard, eat
2. Fav color – orange
3. Fav sport – soccer
4. Fav team – GO HAWKS
5. Fav sister – Audrey 🙂
6. Fav subject in school – math
7. Fav friend – can’t pick one 
8. Fav drink – root beer (and milk)
9. Fav food – candy (not kidding)
10. Fav game – dice, Mancala



January 7, 2015

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