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Wyatt Antics

Wyatt is 11 months old. I can’t believe it. This past year with him has FLOWN by.

He literally is the most hilarious dog ever.

Here is the Wyatt summary:
1. He loves his family – like so much he suddenly hates his kennel during the day because it means we are leaving.
2. He loves the kids – in fact he is one of the kids.
3. He grazes on his food and forgets to eat all the time.
4. He loves to steal socks. I mean, I’ve never seen him run so fast as when he has stolen one!
5. Thank goodness he quit eating flip flops.
6. He loves to fall asleep on his back with arms and feet straight up in the air – funniest thing I’ve ever seen.
7. He LOVES cheese.
8. He is so stinkin’ smart. He and I have stare downs sometimes because he’s talking back to me silently.
9. The bus stop at 3:45 is the best part of his day.
10. Wyatt is our person/dog 🙂

But seriously, puppyhood with kids is an adventure. Trying to be consistent, teaching calm (ay yi yi). It has its ups and downs – but mostly up for sure. I mean, hello – look at them! Unconditional love across the board. He adores her. And when I take him out at night he totally grumbles at me. Soon enough buddy, soon enough.

And let’s not forget why he’s banned from our back yard/woods right now! 
He’s enjoying his life. 
I found this little gem today – Wyatt – 7 weeks old. 
SO cute! 

Tonight I love Wyatt.

So he gets his own blogpost 🙂



January 16, 2015

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