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Things I Think About…..

So, the other day I was photographing a family, stopped to look at the back of my camera and gasped. And then I thought, “In 20 years, he is going to be so happy to have this photo with his mom and dad”.  They may be silly moments, or non traditional moments, or crazy moments….but man, they are the real moments. Because those….those are what we remember. It’s being connected and feeling love and having fun! 
My fabulous friend Jami and I have a tradition of photographing each others family every year. This was our third year and as I perused my beautiful photos last week, I noticed a million things……like how big my kids are, how awesome my husband is, how much I love my puppy, and the silly and totally outrageous antics that are so typical of my family.  I felt completely grateful. So grateful to have this time of our life documented, but 10000 times more grateful that my kids and grandkids will someday look back at these photos and get a sense of what our family was like. Jami took a photo of us a few years back in front of a window with the etching, “Perfectly Imperfect”. I swear I think of that all the time and remind myself that those “imperfect moments” are the ones filled with the most texture and story!!!! 
So tonight, I’m posting some recent photos…….photos that I am so glad I took. Because they are those moments! Documenting people’s lives is awesome. 

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!!!
P.S… do not have to be a professional photographer to capture these moments. They happen around us all the time. The breakfast table….walking to the bus….playing outside after school….during game night….making dinner…..during the bedtime routine (you can call me crazy, I know…but it can happen)…..after they are asleep and so cuddly and cute tucked in their beds. Just keep your camera out !!!!! Trust me, you’ll start noticing! 

November 25, 2014

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