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Welcome to the Blog!


Can you even believe it’s August 19th? Two weeks from tomorrow school starts! I think we are getting closer to being ready, but each year with my kids gets more and more fun and I just love the freedom of summer (more of that in an upcoming personal blog post)!  I mean, this summer has […]

August 20, 2014


Today I sit here with my family after a full day of fun, skiing, pizza and snowy bliss. I’m not sure how many of us will make it til’ midnight….but if my kids have anything to say about it, the 8 year old and 6 year old WILL make it! I figured I’d sit down and […]

January 1, 2013


So, this has been SUCH a busy few weeks for me. Fantastic, but busy!!!!!! Tonight, I slowly cleaned the house up, prepped for tomorrow, played with the kids (sort of), got them tucked into their respective dreamworlds, and FINALLY sat down to watch last night’s episode of Parenthood. Do you think I could find the […]

November 22, 2012