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Welcome to the Blog!

Twas’ the night before Thanksgiving….

So, this has been SUCH a busy few weeks for me. Fantastic, but busy!!!!!! Tonight, I slowly cleaned the house up, prepped for tomorrow, played with the kids (sort of), got them tucked into their respective dreamworlds, and FINALLY sat down to watch last night’s episode of Parenthood. Do you think I could find the Comcast remote anywhere?????? NO!!!! Apparently Nate got a little ticked off today when Todd turned off the TV….we think he may have stashed it. So, no Parenthood. Here’s to hoping my son will retrieve it quickly and effortlessly in the morning (fingers crossed)!

But ultimately it was meant to be…… because I realized how many gorgeous family photos I have to post. So, away I go.

As I reflect this night before Thanksgiving, I feel so incredibly grateful. Grateful for my life, my husband, my cool kids and my FABULOUS clients who allow me to capture a small moment of their world!!! I’m so 100% thankful.

My families are so amazing and I appreciate the kind words you spread…..which leads me to other, new and fabulous families! THANK YOU so so so much!

So, here we go. Sit back, relax and check this gorgeousness out! (You may need to pour a glass of wine – there’s quite a few)!

These two are my in-laws. He turns 70 this year, she’s retiring in March and they JUST celebrated 35 years together. This shoot will go down in history as one of my favs. They were real, fun, connected and SO playful! 
I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!! 

And these three. 
They just moved here last January. 
And it started to rain 15 minutes into their shoot. 
As I snapped the umbrella picture below, I knew it had to be their Christmas card.
I mean, what says Seattle like a family shoot in the rain! 
You guys are awesome! 

And as quick as the weather changes…
so does the mood of the 1 year old. 
Oh sweet buddy – we are done!!! 

LOVE this crew!
And I love watching them grow and change! 
It was a bit drizzly – but that’s what it’s like here in November….
so we press through and get ADORABLE pictures like the ones below! 

Ahhhh, handsomest ever! 
And handsomest ever, take two!

My sister (and her family)
Alia turns 1 on Christmas. 
LOVE them! 

My last family to share…
Look at her……
You’d think this shoot was about her! 
But clearly, we have a new addition to the family….

Teeny baby cries……so sweet….
And PURE love!!! 
Big print on wall please!!! 

I realize 1 week olds don’t smile….
But his yawn turned into one and let us all know what he’ll be doing in about 5 weeks!!!!
I love it! 

So this is a quick look at my last few weeks!!! It’s been full, and perfectly lovely!

Wishing you a very relaxing, filling, blessed, family filled Thanksgiving!


November 22, 2012

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