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Amanda + Chandler

So this post is extra super special. You see, Amanda, is my niece (see photo below, far right). She was just a peanut on the day of our wedding! And SO cute. Best flower girl ever! P.S. – Emma – that is you on my lap (whoa).

Fast forward to a few months back, and Amanda is grown AND the bride!  I got to spend the entire day capturing the beauty she is inside and out and her most awesome Chandler! It was basically super epic!

Amazing friends, supportive and loving families, fun, love and the greatest moments of the day!


Seriously – SO BEAUTIFUL!



It’s official! The Knights!

Totally adorable!

If you are still reading – thanks for hanging in there with me! I mean, it was SO hard to choose what photos to share because these two and their adorable friends and family are too much!

To Amanda & Chandler! Some thoughts as you embark on the beginning of your beautiful journey of marriage…….

  • First off – we love you both and are so happy for you!
  • Always be a team – always!
  • A healthy and happy marriage starts with two healthy and happy individuals! Be sure you have things you love to do separately and together and support the other to recharge their batteries however they need……because then, when you have your together time it will be better than ever!
  • Remember the more you invest in your marriage, the more valuable it becomes!
  • Always have things on the calendar to look forward to together….little or big….doesn’t matter!
  • Make special traditions together.
  • Remember to laugh and keep a sense of humor about things – because, in the big scheme of life, most things aren’t that big a deal!
  • Most importantly, always be real with each other. I mean really real. It’s everything!

Happy 1st year of marriage! You are off to the greatest start! Know there are so many people in your village that love you so much and are always here for you!


-Aunt Stacy

October 13, 2018

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