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Welcome to the Blog!

It’s Fall!

Can you even believe we have arrived to this point already?! I don’t know about you all, but the past 3 weeks have been FULL in our house! I feel like we are just settling in to this new routine and getting into a groove! Some words that come to mind……awesome (my kids starting middle school and high school), tiring (new 5:45 wake up), overwhelming, exhilerating, nerve-wracking, super happy, also sad (for Wyatt and Annie who suddenly had WAY less time with their favorite kids), sport filled and me getting my work routine back on track (so long summer juggle). The new school year took off with some mixed feelings for us Gendreaus. I mean,  TOTALLY exciting for both my kids to start their new phases – middle school & high school! But we love our unscheduled family time! We had this incredible summer full of adventures (a few of those tales will be coming in this blog very soon), we spent August celebrating weddings, spent time with friends & family,  the kids went to camp (so awesome) and we just enjoyed the warm, golden days of summer! Then, BAM, sports try outs and SCHOOL! Side note – my favorite freshman tried out for high school soccer and MADE THE TEAM! SO exciting!  Anyhoo – we are getting used to our early hour alarm, the kids are putting themselves to bed super early on their own and doing FANTASTIC with all their new adventures, and Todd & I are high-fiving to be moving into this new phase with them!

This summer was ALSO filled with YOU! So, let’s talk a little bit about how awesome I think you are! After 8 years, I still count my blessings all the time! My Lauren Oliver Photography (LOP) families never ceases to amaze me. You are kind and fun and adventurous and loving and hilarious and totally open to trying anything I ask! And you have become my friends! So thanks for all that you guys!

A few times, my kids came along for some reason or another and crashed the party – I mean, HELPED!


Sibling love!!!

Best laughs ever!

One of the coolest and most unique senior sessions! NEVER hesitate to do your senior photos with your bestie and most definitely incorporate the things you love the most in your session! It will pay off every single time!

Also – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember your fur babies in your photos! It means the WORLD!

Ah, so many awesome moments! Ok – we are home from the most awesome JV soccer game and settling into the bedtime routine!

Coming up soon on the blog…..more summer & fall adventures, a very special wedding, and a super fun trip to Europe that needs recapping!!

Happy September friends!


September 26, 2018

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