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Mon-Lin + Scott

2018 started off with a bang this year. The PNW may be cold and rainy and wet and gloomy, but that did NOT stop these two from making the first few months of the year very eventful! Thanks to some amazing LOP clients (thanks Krewedls), Mon-Lin & Scott entered my life. I’m not even kidding when I say it was as if we were always meant to meet and become friends.

We started off with some engagement photos. All I will say about that, is we Washingtonians can rally and shoot an entire portrait session under I-5 in the rain and still have a blast and no one would ever know!!!

Fast forward a month to the first time I’ve photographed a wedding at the King County Courthouse. One word – ADORABLE! What a great, quaint, relaxed, cozy, loving place to get married. I know, not the words I would expect to use at the courthouse but I’m serious. Now, this could, in part, be because of these two and the 10 amazing people in their life that celebrated in their day. Now, here in our part of the world, February’s weather can be a handful sometimes. But no matter – this day was perfect.

And the love and fun these two bring to everything they do make for a fabulous time!

Mon-Lin & Scott. I wish you years of happiness, love, adventure, awesome laughs and snuggly hugs! I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year holds for you!!!  Keep spreading your joy!



April 7, 2018

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