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Welcome to the Blog!

Happy March!

Ok! First official blog with my new blogging format! I wonder how long this will take me 🙂 HA!

Let’s catch up a bit, shall we!

So, my kids are bigger! And I love them more than ever!

First tonight (and most recent) is this one. 14! The year she goes to high school, the year before she drives, just a year of awesome adventures for her. Audrey – please don’t EVER change. Always be exactly who you are (kind, smart, family focused,  a loyal friend, funny, a thinker, an observer, SO organized, creative and a mega-planner) and trust your instincts to guide you exactly where you are meant to be! Believe in yourself….because we certainly believe in you!  The world is your oyster and I cannot WAIT to see what lies ahead for you! You are capable of anything and we are always a safe landing spot for your here at home! And I’ll always make you muffins or cookies and chicken fettuccini alfredo.

This guy turned 11 a few months back. He is NEVER EVER boring and ALWAYS enthusiastic no matter what. He is loyal and caring and such a good person. Nate – please don’t ever lose your zest for life. I mean – if you can grow up and know how to make the best of anything – you are really starting off on the right path! We love you to the moon and are here for you forever.

Birthdays are always better with a bestie photo shoot!



Thanks to the awesome grandparents, Todd & I snuck off to Italy with our buddies! NO KIDS!


One of my favorite humans!!! Friends for 25 years!! Streets of Florence!!!

Our family traditions could very well be the best part of my life!

And as Spring arrives – these two have some adventures ahead! Ride far! Stay together! And I LOVE YOU!

So, this learning curve wasn’t too crazy! And I LOVE this blog!

Coming up soon – some MAJORLY awesome families! Plus ICELAND!



March 25, 2018

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