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13 and 10

Audrey and Nate.

13 and 10.
They are 2 years & 9 months apart to the day. I always joke Nate was 7 days late on purpose so he and Audrey shared the same birth-day of the month!

This year – double digits and teenager 😊  I swear they just looked like this….


And now they are all big….just like that. And I couldn’t love them more than I do!


You are 13. And you are an old soul and one of the most insightful people I know.

You are smart, loving, sporty, kind, confident, super organized, witty, 10000% family oriented (nothing makes you happier than family dinner), loyal (so loyal), a lover of gummy bears, licorice, and mint lifesavers :), a go-getter, a total self-manager in every way there is, completely responsible, perceptive, observant, crafty, an excellent cook, fettucine alfredo is your love language, you love photography, you’re so artistic, a fabulous soccer player and serious track sprinter, you love to travel, you dream of places you’ll go someday (South Pacific, New Zealand and back to Thailand), you get things done – you figure it out – no matter what it is. You always impress me. You really are just the best person! You are embarking on a new phase of your growing up. For the next 5 years I get the privilege of watching you grow into a woman. There will be happy times and hard times and all the times I will love you and always be a safe place for you to land – no matter what! I love you times a jillion and I think you are awesome! Happy Birthday.


Oh my goodness, you are 10!!! Double digits! That’s crazy!

Nate – you are hilarious and you are a force! You are smart, fast (infection & tag are your favorite), a reader (I have to tell you all the time at night, “Nate – you have to put your book down and get some sleep”), you love candy (and I mean LOVE), you eat constantly, you are the kindest friend, you love soccer and basketball and lacrosse – basically all sports, you love 4th grade and your 4th grade teacher, you love climbing trees, you love milk (like, I might need to buy a cow to keep up), you love learning about animals and nature and all creatures (I always say you are equal parts sports lover and nature lover), you love classic rock music, you are fun, energetic, enthusiastic, you are always enjoying your life – no matter what you are doing, you are brave, friendly (you will literally talk to anyone), curious, really good at taking care of yourself, you love to travel and learn about new people and cultures and have fun & new adventures, you dream of where you’ll go someday (current list – Bali, Africa, German concentration camps), your dogs – you love them so much, your Ripstick – you also love this so much, you love your family and thrive when we are all together hanging out. You just impress me with how positive you are and how you literally just find joy in the little moments of every day! Don’t ever lose that. You are awesome buddy! I love you to the moon!  Happy Birthday!

To the two of you – always love each other. Always be each others biggest fans and always look out for each other. Enjoy each other because you are perfectly made to be brother and sister.

I am your biggest fan and I always will be!

Love you!



May 1, 2017

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