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Welcome to the Blog!

Blended Families Rule!

This town I live in is so diverse……you can pretty much find the most awesome locations for photos regardless of your desires….woodsy, beach, waterfront, city-ish vibe. I seriously love it. And I LOVE this little area where my siblings descended on this fabulous day! It’s like the best light bubble in the city!

Auntie Stacy was in full swing on this particular day and we were hustling to outrun the scary black clouds!!!

A little back story on my two sisters and brother…..long ago my mom married their dad and we quickly became a family and all these years later we love each other more than ever! They are amazing people in this world, chose partners equally as awesome, and have made some pretty cute babies!!! I adore them to the moon!

So here we go……..get ready for some cuteness!!


Kenzie may have sorta stole the show on this day. 
Thus is age 1!!!

Man, he tried everything. 
She just wasn’t having this. 
And I proclaim this a classic wedding slideshow photo for you someday Kenzie!

Jason – you truly are the perfect dad for these two. 
Someday I know your sweet boy will look at this photo and feel your love! 

Now, these four…….they are just plain rad! 
He loves his girls – there is NO question about it! 

And this final image! Their mom drove hours to be here for this! 
And this picture is 150% worth it. 
And when my kids are grown I will drive anywhere for grown up pictures with them! 
Legacy all the way! 

Blended families rule!

Love you all!!!



June 13, 2015

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