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Halloween 2014

Seriously – I think Halloween photos are my 2nd favorite after the first day of school photos!

This year did not disappoint.

Here is what I’m grateful for this Halloween!

1. A super fun town that goes all out for our kids.
2. A beautiful afternoon after a morning of torrential downpours.
3. Awesome schools that create the most fun celebrations.
4. GREAT friends. The greatest, really!
5. Traditions.
6. Family.
7. Kids that totally bring their hilarious character when it’s time for mama to take some photos.
8. My 9 month old labradoodle. I mean, he’s the CUTEST!
9. My husband who was at home this year recovering from foot surgery watching horror movies all night long.
10. Just grateful. Period.

I hope you had a fabulous Halloween this year.

Happy November!


November 1, 2014

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