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Amalfi Coast, Italy | European Photography

So, I’ve been DYING to write this blog post. 
One of the highlights of our trip was traveling the Amalfi Coast of Italy. 
I mean, honestly, it’s beyond description – no lie! 
On this day, grandma and grandpa decided it was a “home day”. 
The offered to take the kids for the day. 
And, well, it took about two seconds for my husband to suggest a scooter rental. 
For anyone that knows Todd, his love of motorcycles….well, it’s also beyond words. 
The scooter was no motorcycle, but it did the trick for this day. 
The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coastline on the southern coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula. 
It’s 25 miles of the most a-freaking-mazing landscape you’ve ever seen. 
I’ve never driven on a road as skinny where scooters dodge tour busses that you just can’t believe fit on this road. It’s CRAZY! 
 I think I said “Holy C**P” about 100 times! 
Both for the views as well as my husband who drove that scooter like a true Italian!
So join me tonight as we tour the most gorgeous coastline you’ve ever seen!


That’s right baby! I know you are jealous of that helmet.

 Such a babe!

 Thanks tour guide guy! 

 And this is Amalfi! 
If you look toward the left of the picture you’ll see a resort. 
That’s an elevator that takes people down to beach level. 
Literally these towns are built into a cliff! 
Ravello. Loved it there.

Really, pictures just don’t do it justice! 
100% breathtaking! 

Oh Italy

How I love you so!



June 11, 2013

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