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Cabin Fun

Well hello March – I cannot believe you have arrived already!
As you have probably guessed from my last few posts full of helmets, fields, creeks, skiing and outdoor recreational vehicles we have been spending some good, quality time out at our cabin lately!
Lazy days, family time, quad riding and dirtbike mayhem. That’s right…I used the word mayhem.
My 5 year old is crazy on it and every other little person (or big person for that matter) that hops on seems to become instantly obsessed.
It sure makes for some good blogging!
This past weekend we had some fun out there!
This look here….this is the look of a small boy discovering the love of the ATV!
Oh yes, and his dad seems to be enjoying the process as well!


And please don’t EVER underestimate the girls and their equal craze for the great outdoors!



Eric clearly enjoyed his time with his kiddos….as it should be!


Love these two!


 So I looked at this picture and thought, “Classic…this will be in his wedding slideshow”.
But then I thought,
“Wait – by the time he gets married I’ll have about 300 shots just like it across varying ages”
The boy digs his dirtbike!



And finally – its his turn.
Dad gives him some quick advice and he is unleashed…
I really wish I had a shot of his mom as he took off….hands covering eyes!
But he did great!



Clearly the beast is unleashed!
Yes, that’s mom chasing him down!


 All the ladies had a blast!



There is something about this place….
It just brings out a whole new kind of fun!



And here is our sweet Theo.
As you know if you read this blog, he recently lost his big sister.
He’s healing…slowly.
He’s relaxed out here.
He feels happy and has fun and feels at peace.
Really, we all do!
And if you don’t know, I, at age 39, became a skier this year.
Wait, I’m becoming a skier.
Ok, I’m learning.
And improving.
We had fun this weekend.
I love hanging with this crew!


Happy first week of March!


March 7, 2012

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  1. Mandy

    March 9th, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    1.) Adore the family pic at the end.
    2.) Adore the pic of Theo. He's so handsome and distinguished! 🙂
    3.) Adore all of you!

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