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I am very aware that during these first few months of the year, I go into partial hibernation mode!  I enjoy the quiet, peaceful moments…..I cook a lot with my sweet girl…..I start to purge the clutter that surrounds me (you know, dealing with those cupboards/closets/drawers that fill up with a variety of items)….I organize…I read…I start re-teaching myself how to crochet….I learn to ski at age 39 (no joke and totally fun)….I craft a bit….! This pretty much sums up my 2012 thus far!

This month we endured a crazy snow and ice storm, we lost a special member of our family and we enjoyed playing with the newest additions to our family. We spent time with friends and family, celebrated a birthday and filled ourselves up with the positive energy of those we love to share our time with!! I’m always grateful for that.

So, I searched for pictures that reflect all the feelings from the past month!

This is Kona – she was 12 years old. She was our first “baby” and we loved her with every bit of of us! And so did our kids. She became our angel on  February 9, 2012.

A little about Kona….she loved to eat our chickens, she protected us from all potential dangers, she loved walks, she loved to swim, she loved to eat off my kitchen counter, she attacked the vacuum, she loved her little black lab brother, she was the best dog mom to my kids, she loved to drink water from the hose, she loved to be a snow plow, she loved peanut butter and rice and we loved HER more than anything. I know she is happy and pain free now. But we sure miss her.

And as you have seen in previous blog posts….this is my sister and her sweet baby girl. At the ripe age of 6 weeks, she has incredible boundaries and knows what she likes and doesn’t like! She likes to move, she likes to bounce and she likes to see the world from a little further back. I respect that about her. Way to be clear about what you like at a young age! Isn’t she scrumptious!

Now, this could be an example of why she had to lay out her boundaries so early. Her big sister LOVES her! I crack up at these pictures as I see my sister’s hands in the pictures gently redirecting the situation!

Gentle hands please…..
There we go!

Love these sisters!

We also celebrated a birthday. My best guy! I adore him! 

I also had a mom’s-only escape to the beach.
Boy was that completely needed and appreciated.
And these ladies seriously rock!
Such beauties inside and out!
We also got to escape to the mountains and share some time with our friends and family!
Jackson Family……
We had a blast with you and enjoyed our day of ski fun, quad riding, relaxing, eating and play! 
Beautiful family!
I have never known a place to elicit such pure, complete joy in everyone! 
We love the mountains!

And this was HER first time on a quad. 
She rocked it and I think her baby boy enjoyed having his mama trek him all over! 
Way to go Amy!

And this is our other boy.
He’s struggling a little without his big sister.
We are just loving him.
He is so handsome!
And this little brother and big sister have been thoroughly enjoying each other. 
They are learning to ski together.
She is teaching him some cooking skills.
She paints his toes and reads to him.
He challenges her to ride her quad like a crazy person!
He always pushes her just enough out of her comfort zone for her to take the next leap on her own!
And yes…they do fight and scream at each other.
But I’m noticing more often than not, that when I’m getting annoyed at the volume….
its because their giggles and play are LOUD!
I need to remind myself of that. 
Love them and their sweet relationship!

The snow is fun with friends!

And we are officially less than a month til’ this one turns 8
We took a few pictures to note this milestone.
But I can only share one.
My big girl…
It was a relaxing, reflective and full month.
I appreciate that its light out after 5pm  (after dinner play will resume shortly)
I have tulips popping up in my yard (my fav)
I have a few more cupboards to clean out (I’ll get there)
I have some very fun photography shoots coming (so excited)
And I’m secretly shifting to spring inside….but not quite yet. 
Enjoy the rest of February!

February 20, 2012

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  1. Lisa

    February 21st, 2012 at 5:15 pm

    I love your update!! Totally sums up this time of year, and love the photo synopsis too! Hugs to your sweet Theo.

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