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Welcome to the Blog!


To say the last six weeks has been full is an understatement (in the best way). I photograph a select number of weddings each year, and when I do, I work hard to make sure the fit is perfect. I want my clients to love every aspect of their photography experience with me….it’s so important.  […]

October 24, 2015


This was one of those wedding days where you left filled with more love and good feelings than words can describe. He happens to be my husband’s brother and now SHE is officially my sister (although I will note she has felt like one for waaaaaaay longer). I was so honored to tell the story […]

September 11, 2014


This weekend may be my most favorite wedding I’ve attended to date (aside from my own nearly 15 years ago). Not only was I hired as the photographer, but my husband, my son and my daughter were all party of the wedding party. And quite honestly, photographing this day was one of the best of […]

August 7, 2014


Where do I begin with these two?! This wedding was purely joyful!  It was a day to celebrate the love of these two smart, beautiful women….and it was so much fun!!!!  I loved every second!  These images really speak for themselves. The emotion was palpable and the happiness abounded. TK is a school psychologist and […]

August 8, 2013