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Welcome to the Blog!

Happy Awesome New Year!

Gendreau Fam

Happy 2020 friends!

I hope as the new year and new decade arrives, you are kicked back and enjoying the last days with family and friends before back to school and back to work are upon us! I have a house of 4 teens/pre teens at the moment – and I’m secretly giggling over here listening to their banter.

2019 came in and ended with a bang. I turned 47, Nate turned 13 – so I officially have a house of teenagers, Todd and I celebrated our 20th anniversary, Lauren Oliver Phogoraphy celebrated 9 years of capturing beautiful peeps (to all my LOP families and friends – thank you for rocking my world year after year), Audrey’s driving everywhere and is turning 16 in 2 months. I mean – it’s crazytown guys!

Yes, he’s alwys doing stuff like this!
Todd is ridiculous
And yes he’s got a stash of horrible masks!
My two teenagers. WHAT?!?!?!?!!!!

Ok – so let’s catch up with some of my favorite recent moments of life! To my family and friends – thanks for always brightening my day just by being you – I’m not even kidding!

These two – two peas!
Audrey & Nate! Keep having fun together. Keep loving each other.
Always take care of your friendship – always!
And to this guy. You are my favorite. I love you more than ever even when I’m grumpy and tired! Thanks for being my right hand for all these years. I look forward to the next 20………. you know when we watch our kids graduate from high school and college, fall in love, find their careers and purpose in life, get married, have babies…..I mean – WHOA!

Cheers to our first week of the roaring 20’s. May they be filled with family and friends and love and adventure and wine and good food!!!



January 4, 2020

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