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Welcome to the Blog!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween, 2018, is in the books.

I hope yours was awesome. And I hope the Halloween Hangover wasn’t too bad!

My family clearly enjoyed themselves.


A few things to know about my crew…..

  1. Todd is obsessed with horror and fright and pranks and all of it. And not just at Halloween. It’s basically ongoing all year in our house. I’m pretty sure he’s stopping by the Halloween super store today after work to hand pick some winners to add to his trunk of horrors at 60% off !
  2. Nate. His level of enthusiasm for life and costumes like this could land him as the mascot of some sports team in his life !
  3. Audrey. She’s 14. And I’m so glad she dressed up with her bestie and maximized her trick r’ treating years! She is adorable. And literally she only ate 3 pieces of candy last night because she didn’t want to feel yucky. She doesn’t mess around!
  4. Me. I love M&M’s and Butterfingers. And, if I had my dream, the M&M company would design a 1/2 and 1/2 bag  – half regular and half peanut.


Happy first day of November to you friends!





November 1, 2018

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