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1. Black lab
2. Now 13 weeks old. She’s lived with us for 3.5 weeks. 
3. She is obsessed with Wyatt. And now Wyatt has a permanent play buddy which makes him so happy. He’s really the best big brother to her. But she’s so obsessed with him. Bless his heart. 
4. She rang the bell to go outside and potty for the first time this morning (YES)! 
5. She is crazy for fetch.
6. She is super chill – but her craze when it comes is NUTS!
7. Um, she loves food. Like, LOVES it. Her entire being begins to wiggle when it’s time to eat. 
8. She is obsessed with Wyatt (I know I typed this twice…it’s worthy of showing up twice). 
9. Nate becomes a puppy when he lays on the floor to play with her (not kidding and it drives me bonkers most of the time). 
10. She may just be Audrey’s person.
We love her. 
Our dog family is complete. 
We are glad you are a Gendreau, Annie!!


November 10, 2016

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