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Welcome to the Blog!

The O’Byrne Fam…..Love them!!!!

These four are some of my favs ever! Sometimes you know you were just supposed to meet! This is definitely one of those cases. It started with Krista a few years back. She is the fabulous owner at Hoopla Events and an event coordinator, extraordinaire! Well, then I met the rest of her core people, and I loved them just as much.

So this day, we decided to venture up to my neck of the woods and grab some family photos.

What I love about Krista? So much – but I totally love that in the “thick of it” (which is what I call the phase of life with kids 5 and under…with work….and life….and all that)….she never misses a chance to photograph the heck out of her family! And I am SO glad that I often get to be the photographer!!!!!

Love you O’Byrnes!

Enjoy your weekend!!!!


April 25, 2015

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