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Scriven ~ Chadwick ~ James Families! Could I Love Them More?!!!

I’m not sure how I got so lucky, but within a few months I had the Scriven Family in front of my camera twice! WIN FOR ME! One of my favorite families in life!

Now, add Dan and Martha (Kate’s mom and dad) and the James crew into the mix, and we have nothing but fun here!

I can definitely tell you that apples don’t fall from trees. Dan and Martha are amazing in every way and, well, their girls are equally as extraordinary.

Now, these cuties are a fabulous foursome……loving – funny – gorgeous – basically super-awesome!

Todd, you melt my heart sometimes. 
I think you secretly love getting family photos!

Really, Grace and Kate?!?! 
I believe this needs to be giant on your wall! 

Fast forward a few months and the rest of Kate’s family arrived for some fun! 
What a perfect way to celebrate a dad’s milestone birthday! 
I asked when they last had a picture of just the four of them. 
Let’s just say it had been a while. 
This day I became a serious fan of the “core unit” photo. 
Doesn’t matter how old you are. These are so important! 

James Family 
You five and this light = Perfection!

And let’s end with this fabulous shot. 
I was taking a pic of the grandparents and the grandkids and told these rascals behind me to get the party started so we could have some good smiles. 
Then I turned around and saw this. 
It’s one of my favs from the day !
Sometimes I feel so lucky. And I feel so grateful for each photo in this post. 
I love moments. They are the best. 

March 18, 2015

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