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Cabin Wrap Up – Summer 2014

Oh my goodness. It’s September 9th! Two days shy of my 15th wedding anniversary. The 5th day of school. Fall has sprung and I hung my traditional felt fall leaves inside tonight. I honestly heard Audrey gasp as I began my “fall-ifying” tonight….”mama, I just love those leaves”! And so begins my favorite three months of the year.

BUT, before I can really begin celebrating the beginning of fall, I have to bid farewell to the best summer! We have a family cabin that we escape to as often as possible and this summer was no disappointment. We shared special times with family, started some new traditions with friends and just PLAYED! It’s disconnect and every year that goes by I appreciate that place more and more and more! 
So here are some highlights. We musn’t forget the special memories and fabulous experiences we share here!!! 
And to those that we shared some awesomeness with – we LOVE you!!!!! 
Eek! Look that them…then and now!!!! 
These two picked up like nobody’s business!
The kids all learned about lawnmower racing. 
And who better to show them. 
tO  and Todd-1

Little Gendreau + Little Gehring = Total Bromance

Oh Gracie…..

S’MOREO’s + rainbow looming = perfect campfire!

Cousins at Windy Ridge – Mt. St. Helens

Cousin time!!!!!!

Ay yi yi!!!
No words needed. 
Dirtbikes + Gendreaus = awesomeness

We love the cabin and all that it brings to our lives!
Thanks for another super fabulous summer of adventures!
There, now I can officially bring on Fall!

September 10, 2014

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