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Welcome to the Blog!

Jackson + His Mom and Dad = LOVE!

Well, I am WAAAAAAY overdue to hit this blog with some amazingness. These past few months have been FULL of love, connectedness, tender moments, silly laughs, summer fun, family and joy!

Tonight we begin with Jackson + his parents. This trio is awesome! Sometimes, you realize in this world that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at exactly the right time. I feel that way with photography and my time with these families who end up being friends.

Sarah and Danny – we were so 100% meant to meet.  Thanks to another LOP family for the referral! I love the connections always!

So here are the two people that love little Jackson to the moon and back times a million.

You three are spectacular and I loved our morning together!

My blog lineup is full. Stay tuned for more soon!



August 7, 2014

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