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Counting Down To Baby With The Krewedls

I cannot believe it’s March 1st! Where did the first quarter of 2014 run off to? Good thing I’ve been filling the days with things like this!!!!

This completely adorable family is due to have a baby this month! I’m slightly partial to the March babies (as my own little girl will turn 10 in a few weeks). The Krewedls came to me through a referral (thanks Ashley)! It’s so crazy when you meet multiple members of a family and totally know you were all meant to meet! Brie and Mark are expecting their new bundle of love in a few weeks. Our morning together was perfect….fun, natural, great conversation, full of dog love, full of couple love, and FULL of impending baby love! 
I cannot wait to meet this little sugar and feel so grateful to have met this duo (about to be a trio). 
So sit back and enjoy the beauty that is the Krewedl family! 

I’m so happy we met, you guys!!! Enjoy this last month together (pre baby). Go out to eat, sleep as much as possible, go out to the movies, and just hold hands!

All things good are coming your way!



March 2, 2014

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