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I Wish They Had Emoji For Blog Posts…..

If there were such a thing as blog emoji….you guys would think I was crazy and I would TOTALLY overuse it (for sure)!!!
I have had the privilege of shooting some seriously fantastic families this fall.
Families full of love, fun, silliness, wit, care, and just major adoration for each other.
I’m serious when I say I LOVE MY FAMILIES SO MUCH!!!!!
I thought I’d share a few with you tonight. 
This is the Levesque crew. They are AWESOME. Their emoji would definitely be dancing girls, major hearts, silly faces and a glass of wine emoji for mom (kidding – well, doesn’t every mom need a wine glass emoji from time to time). I look at their photos and hear their laughs. Such fun!!

And this is the West family. 
Emoji for them would be some seriously BIG, giant hearts, all the way across your screen.
With about 1,000,000 exclamation points following the hearts.
They have that much love!

There is SO much genuine enjoyment here. Thank you to all my families that come out and just bring their hearts to a shoot. It shows and totally pays off in gorgeous images!!!!
Happy Tuesday!

November 6, 2013

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