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The Flying U Ranch | BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!

Our happy place……

I think the first time we went to the Flying U Ranch was way back in 1997. Crazy, right?!! It became a tradition for us “pre-kids” and we went every year (and a few years, twice). We even got engaged up there! Sigh. Time flies! The last time we went was in 2005…Audrey was a little 1 year old peanut. Then we entered toddler/pregnancy/Nate/little kid-ville. 
So we had a break and waited patiently to share this little slice of heaven with our kids!! 
This past year I started having the rumblings of our need to return. I’m not lying when I say its literally the most serene place ever. I love it there. So in August, I was relaxing on the porch with my friend Missy sharing all the stories of the ranch. The kids were off playing, the boys went fishing and by the time they returned we had booked ourselves a long weekend in October to venture up to the land of awesomeness. 
I am SO grateful we got to share this adventure with some of our favorite friends! And here is what we experienced….
1. The kids blew our minds – they were amazing riders, fell in love with the land, cried when they had to leave their horses, and proclaimed this as the best vacation spot ever. Oh, and they would like to live there. 
2. The Australian ranch hand, Brett….HANDS DOWN FAVORITE!!! He was so gracious and kind and I enjoyed watching him try to lasso Nathan (I’m not joking). 
3. Best tomato soup I’ve ever had. 
4. Kids running free and never having to worry. Dads getting sidetracked in the saloon and moms cozy by the fire in the lodge. 
5. Bless Crystal and Blaze. They were so gracious to their riders and being kicked all day as Nate and Addison tried to get them running. 
6. Movie night in the Flying U Theater – best ever – and best popcorn ever. 
7. The Flying U Store. Seriously – my son and souvenir shops. Need I say more? 
8. The cabins have no heat. So dads LOVE to build roaring fires to make it all cozy. Then 2am hits and every door and window is open because it’s SO STINKING HOT!!! 
9. We LOVE Pinky, Blacky and Whitey.
10. The Gendreau and Sebren kids have some pretty nice dance moves (cue the Flying U Band song). 
In summary, we cannot wait to go back and are so grateful that the Flying U Tradition will be continuing in our families!!!! And now for some pics…..


Stacy and Melody
Audrey and Java
Todd and Autumn
Jenna and Bo
Nathan and Crystal
Addison and Blaze


We love you Flying U and the Fremlin family for running such a fantastic family experience!!!

October 29, 2013

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