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Flower Girl and Ring Bearer – DONE! | Marcellis-Harter Wedding

It’s done. 
My cousin (aka sister friend/bestie cousin) is MARRIED. The day was perfect. 
I was a bridesmaid (awesome) and my kids were the flower girl and ring bearer. AND my hubby spun the tunes like nobody’s business. 
I’ll keep it simple and sweet. 
THE WHOLE DAY ROCKED! AND…the kids were amazing! I will note that prior to the ceremony, I did trap Nate in the changing room in the women’s restroom, but whatever….he stepped up when it was important! A mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do! 
It may have been the wettest September 28th on record, but whatever. It was the BEST day. 
Mandy and David – I am just simply happy for you. We adore you both and are bursting with love for you!
Enjoy your mini-honeymoon and Happy Wedding!!!
Here are some highlights from the day. There are only a few – because I was happily NOT the photographer and 100% enjoyed a minimal camera day!! 

 To say Audrey took her job seriously, is the biggest understatement ever. 
She. Loved. Everything. Flowergirl. AND Mandy!

And this guy rocked khaki pants, and a shirt with buttons and a collar. 
Way to go buddy! 

Insert smiley face here


Love these two. 

Cousin Mayhem….they had so much fun!!!!!!

It was a day of love, family, friends and celebration.

Love you Mandy Marcellis and welcome to the family David.


September 30, 2013

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