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Welcome to the Blog!

The Mitchells, Weidemans and Harveys…one awesome family!

The house is quiet, I’m cozy under a blanket and my slippers are on (whoa, that sounds sort of Fall-ish)
I’ve been thinking all day about this blog post. 
I mean, where do I begin with this crew?!?!
Grammie (one of the nicest women I’ve met), Grandpa (the soul of cool), their youngest son, their oldest son, his wife and their 11 kids. 
That’s right, I said11. 
Their youngest (sweetest pea) was 6 days old on the night of this shoot. 
So, before anything else…
Lisa – you deserve 1,000 high fives for getting the 13 people in your house 
dressed, looking sharp, fed and ready for family photos…..all 1 week post-partum! 
Ok – now back to this family. 
For the few weeks prior to this shoot, Jackie (AKA, Grammie), and I developed a fast friendship. 
I swear if you read some of her emails you’d tell her she should be a blogger or write a book. 
She’s witty, loving, strong, tender, caring, devoted, compassionate, real 
and adores her family more than anything else on earth. 
And, yes, I learned this about her before I ever met her in real life. 
And then I met Joe, her husband, and, well, those two are meant for each other. 
Clearly apples don’t fall far from trees, because this family was something else
Each member – so special – bringing something unique and interesting to this collective. 
Spending a few hours with them on this night was such a blessing. 
Chatting, laughing, hearing their stories as I spent time with each. 
I feel really grateful. 
Every family is so unique. 
Their stories are unique. 
I love to listen. 
And I love to snap photos while people share. 
So tonight, I share some of my favorites!
 {seriously, this kills me}

To the Mitchells, Weidemans and Harveys… are a fantastic bunch! 

I’m so glad we met!

August 2, 2013

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