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Welcome to the Blog!


Not too long ago, my little Nathan looked like this….

And on this December morning….he turned 6!!!!

The day started off with a breakfast of champions. In our house, on your birthday, you get to pick out breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nate wasted no time choosing wisely! When it only happens once a year – you learn quickly to do it right!

And then FINALLY, it was party time. This year, it was a pool party……he sat patiently and waited for his buddies to arrive! Everything was in place…… favors, 5 plates of Doritos – you know, everything!


All our favorite peeps were in the house!!!!!!! 

Even little Alia (who turns 1 on Christmas) enjoyed the festivities!

She’s just gearing up for her own partay in a few weeks!!!! 

You go girl!!! Maximize the cupcake offer from Uncle Todd!!! 

Excuse my quick sidetrip down memory lane! They’ve been buddies since the womb and are only two weeks apart. LOVE THEM!


Now, THE most exciting news of the day!!! NATE LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH!!!!! It’s been loose for a while. Today right before gift opening he suddenly realized it was hanging by a thread! I thought he might suddenly burst in to tears and/or throw up (ok, kidding). But, he was totally freaked out. His friends quickly made all attempts to reassure him that 1. it wouldn’t hurt and 2. there were many techniques to get it out faster.

FINALLY, tonight right before bed he let me give it a little wiggle and it fell into my hands.

His happy dance was hysterical and he proclaimed this “THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!”. His tooth is tucked carefully under his pillow and he’s READY for the morning.

To those of you that made this day even more special…..BIG, GIANT thanks!!!!!

Seriously, how did I get a 6 year old and an 8 year old??!!!!

Feeling blessed, grateful and holding my kids very tightly tonight!

Happy Sunday!


December 17, 2012

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