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Melissa and Josh – officially The Kincaids

Remember these two? Melissa and Josh had their engagement session back in May and then took a dreamy trip to Mexico to get married in June. This past weekend they celebrated with friends and family and took a big deep breath and enjoyed their party! Their love is so abundant and their comfort with each other just shows up so clearly in these images! I love emotional pictures, and these two obviously dig one another! Thanks you two for letting me capture this very special time of your lives! Big congrats and best wishes! Your future holds so much together!

As I approach my first full year in business (that’s right, 7/17/11, I launched Lauren Oliver Photography), I have been totally reflecting on this past year. I remember thinking to myself this time last year – ‘seriously Stacy – you are going to do this’??!!! I knew it was the right time….all things were pointing in this direction….and yet silly self-doubt and fear can be such a pesky influence. But I knew it was the  time and went for it. Now I can’t imagine life without it! Many, many MANY thanks to my super fantastic husband and all my friends and family for your ongoing support and love and encouragement! Couldn’t do it without you!

I absolutely, completely appreciate all the opportunities I have had thus far, feel excited and grateful for the upcoming events in the hopper and can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon!  I shoot these amazing families and couples and little people, get to celebrate with people on some of the most important days of their lives and make new friends. This is so my gig! I love it! To those that gave me a chance…..THANK YOU!!!! I’m feeling very grateful tonight!

And who knew how much I would love this blog? I mix it up with family and friends and sessions…..and I love it! I always say that someday I want my kids to look back at this, and see snapshots of their life…not just in pictures but in the joy the events of their lives created! My 8 year old just discovered recently that I really actually write this blog and post stuff about us, our family, she and her brother…….she sat at my laptop last week and read and read and read and read. She loved it and I loved watching her!

So, enough rambling – I must post some more pictures of this beautiful (and handsome) bride and groom! And there are no JC Penney poses here Josh… are totally J.Crew!

Melissa, I love capturing you two. I have known you only a short time and there are a few shots that I think, “that is SO Melissa”. You are so vivacious and loving and friendly! 

Such a gorgeous couple!

I think he likes her!

The party was full of family and friends. 
These are the flower girl and ring bearers….and her niece and nephews. 
The youngest is 3…..that’s him on the ground! 
I think this pretty much sums this sibling group up! 
Love them! 

Do not for one second think this middle sister can’t handle herself.
But he WILL do his best to challenge her! 
Hope that dress survived! 

Nothing like the love of a daddy! 

Melissa and Josh – happy beginnings to you!


July 10, 2012

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