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Shiner Family

Now, when this mom emailed me to chat about photos, she prefaced it with the fact that she has NEVER had family photos taken before. I have to say now, that after hanging’ with this crew for an evening, I am so glad this family is now documented!!!!! They are HYSTERICAL and fun and goofy and they clearly “dig” each other. And this mom and dad – so completely loving and strong and kind! It was so fun to hang with you all!!! Keri – thank you so much for placing your gorgeous, comedic, fun, energetic family in my (and my camera’s) hands. It was truly a pleasure meeting all of you!!! 
Now let’s see some pictures!
Mom and Dad – we must begin here…..look at them…..completely gorgeous and adorable! 

And these four – tight, fun, silly and super shy (not)!!! 

Ryan – you are melting hearts here!!! 

Oh ladies!!! You two are super sweet!

Clearly – people started feeling comfortable here……
My 8 year old thought this was the coolest picture ever!!!!!!!!!
She would like me to get one of us like this!!! 

Gorgeous family for sure!

One of my favs!!!

Jamie – I’m so glad you prompted these!!!! 

Back to this awesome couple!
Now these two have been dating for about four years – hello LOVE!!! 
It’s so evident, wouldn’t you say?!!
You two are adorable!!! 

It was such a pleasure to meet you seven!!! 
Thanks again! 
Wishing you a very happy mid-week!

June 6, 2012

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