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Christmas Baby

This is Alia.
She was born on Christmas.
What a gift!
Her mom is my sister.
I adore her.
She is now a mother of two under two! 
She is amazing.
And now I have another niece to love! Thanks guys!
Welcome to the world Alia.
You are one loved little girl.
And can I just say your mom is a complete rock star!!
She felt some back pain at 8pm.
Left for the hospital at 8:20pm.
Arrived at the hospital at 8:40pm.
And Alia was born at 8:55pm.
NO JOKE!!! All done in less than an hour!
Totally amazing!
You deserve a medal! Both of you! 
Meet Alia (and her mom and dad)


Happy Birthday Alia!
Auntie Stacy

December 30, 2011

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