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Andy and Layla

This is Layla and her husband, Andy. They got married on Saturday!! 

Can I just exhale before I start writing…..because this picture just makes me want to take a great, big, deep breath! I can feel Layla’s relief, her love for Andy, her comfort and her joy! It pretty much sums up this day! 

So let me back up a bit. Back story always makes things more fun, right?! I met Layla when I was about 14 or 15 years old…..she was a dear friend to me,  and we had many good times together! As many do, we lost touch after high school and thanks to Facebook, we reconnected a few years ago. Thank goodness because I just love this girl! She is one of the most genuine women I know and I’m so grateful to have crossed paths again. When she asked me to photograph her wedding, I was honored and so excited.

This wedding was simple, elegant, cozy, joyful, full of friendship, comfortable and completely reflective of the love Layla and Andy share. I enjoyed every second! So let’s take a peek, shall we?


Layla, your happiness radiates! 
This is Layla’s daughter. She’s 8 and clearly loves her mom a whole lot.
Here, she’s waiting for her to make her way to the barn where this ceremony will take place! 
Watch out because this little girl will seriously tug at your heartstrings later in this post. 
Mr. and Mrs. Haner

When I think about the emotions of a wedding, I obviously think of it from a grown up perspective. This tender girl, made me think of how much a day like this truly means. The impact on her life is big! 
Seeing her mom happy and getting married again….this is big stuff for an 8 year old!  

There was a lot of joy!

This beautiful, romantic, memorable day unfortunately had to come to a close….

Congratulations you two!

Andy and Layla –  I wish you many years of new traditions, love and friendship!
You deserve every happiness!

 – Stacy

October 25, 2011

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  1. Lisa

    November 5th, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    I've been meaning to come check these out, and oh, you were so right about the sweet mother/daughter moments! Memories to be forever treasured – beautiful job!

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