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Welcome to the Blog!

Filand Family!

A few years back my daughter started Kindergarten and met two of her best buddies. Together they created the sweetest little friendship. This past year they were all in different classes but their friendship continues and seems to be one that all three come back to and find comfort in. I have a hunch they will all go on, make loads of new friends through the years, but always take comfort in each other! I love these girls and have visions of them growing up and meeting up for dinner in the Harbor to catch up! Audrey is pretty certain they will be “grown up” friends!

And amidst this friendship I met the sweetest families and also forged new friendships of my own. I love that!

So when the Filands asked me to take some family pictures I was honored and so excited!!! And what transpired was SO MUCH FUN!!! Seriously, this family….so fun, and loving and playful! I loved every second of capturing their goofiness and loving ways and as you’ll see from the pictures – they are obviously super models in the making.

Beautiful parents….

And this is Mia – 7 years old and a crack up!

Mia, stop growing – you look so big in this picture!

See, told ya….super models!

Eliza’s parents came for part of the morning as well. And honestly – their love and his care for her were so palpable. I adored them!

And this is Nicole, the sweetest big sis!!! She is obviously well loved!

Brien and Nicole – together since their Sophomore year of high school and now they are about to enter their last year of college!!! Congratulations you guys! WOW!

And then we decided to change location and add the pooches to the mix.

Thanks Brien for being the KEY to getting their attention!

Mothers and daughters….love these!

Such a gorgeous family!

Thanks Filands for letting me hang out and capture this time of your lives! I loved it!!


August 14, 2011

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