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Welcome to the Blog!


Ok. So, a few things about this family. We met them this fall at the BMX track. Zach – age 14 (almost 15) happens to be this super cool, amazing and very kind guy!!! And to say that my son (age 6 and new BMX’er) thinks he’s cool, is THE biggest understatement of the year!!! […]

December 22, 2012


So, there is going to be a big ol’ family post to follow this over the weekend. BUT….. I am pretty sure this is one of my most favorite brother-sister pictures EVER!!!!!! It’s crying for a canvas Jami…. And shooting this big sister and little brother just made my heart jump, flip, crack up and […]

December 22, 2012


Pictures like these remind me of what’s important! Love Family Brothers Sisters Realness Connectedness That’s all we need….. Hope you enjoy the little moments this weekend! Heads up….. Nate turns 6 tomorrow. I’m feeling reflective, somewhat mushy, and super excited for him!!! More of that later! xoxo -Stacy

December 16, 2012